Creating a world of Thoughtfulness

A few months ago (true, it feels longer!) we asked you, our Guests, to nominate the people in your own life who had gone above and beyond. Someone who’s thoughtfulness made you think the world of them. We asked for ‘Your Special Guest’ nominations so we could recognise and reward these amazing people with a gift inspired by their acts of kindness and interests. We were truly moved by the nominations we got back and wanted to share these stories of thoughtfulness with you personally. We hope you enjoy them and are encouraged and inspired by these wonderful gestures of hope, love and kindness at a time that needed it most.

A very small selection of our global nominations.

Nomination Video 1

Just one week in and we were truly overwhelmed by number of nominations we received from our Guests. We saw devoted dads, caring friends and compassionate sisters called out for their thoughtfulness. Take a look at some of our favourites.

Nomination Video 2

Week two and thoughtfulness could be seen all over the world, from Abu Dhabi, the UK and even the Philippines. Our Guests wanted to show their loved ones that even when they couldn’t be together, they were still in their hearts.

Nomination Video 3

Week three showed that the thoughtful people in our lives really do stand out through their many selfless acts. Whether they are on the front line helping those in need, supporting their friends and family during hardship or are even just there to make us smile. It all counts.

Nomination Video 4

Week four and the nominations were as heart-warming as the first. We saw how these times were still inspiring thoughtfulness around the world. Nominations from parents, children and partners were just a few of the many acts of generosity and support we received.

Carlo Nominated his sister Carfel for being a great mother to her 2 beautiful daughters. Carfel is also a fantastic big sister to Carlo and loves to reminisce about their childhood together. Nothing is ever too much to ask and she shows generosity in everything she does. Carfel loves exercising, shopping (especially bags!) and would love to be able to see her family in the Philippines.

Hasan Nominated his childhood friend Samir. They grew up together and have shared great memories. They have worked on many charity projects together, during the holy month of Ramadan and beyond. Both of them are passionate about helping those who need it most. He’s a huge Man City fan, loves flying and catching up with his best friend.

Usman Baig Nominated his Wife Dr. Yasmine Ahmed for being an excellent home teacher. She has been incredible in every way and if it wasn't for her the family wouldn’t have coped so well during lockdown. She loves travel, running, yoga and recently started cycling. She loves to cook and is always trying new and wonderful dishes and recipes. See Dr. Yasmine Ahmed’s Special Guest surprise.

Adebayo Bolaji Nominated by his best friend Alan for being there for him through all of the good times, and struggles. He is Alans best man, supported his work for many years, and he is the godfather of Alans daughter. He is hugely into music, theatre, film, and literature. See Adebayo’s Special Guest surprise.