Redeem Miles - Donations

Donate to make a difference

Since the Etihad Guest Miles donation programme began in 2007, you have been donating generously to a range of causes from education, to healthcare and humanitarian relief. Over 250 million Etihad Guest Miles have been donated so far, all of which have been converted to cash for charities to spend on what they need the most.

Education and poverty are inextricably linked and without literacy and numeracy skills, the options and chances for a better future will be limited. Redeem your miles to be part of a solution that addresses the limiting effect extreme energy poverty has on education.

Neglected Tropical Diseases disproportionately affect the world’s poorest people, trapping their families in cycles of poverty. Your donation can provide the medicine and treatment to protect families from river blindness and lymphatic filariasis for an entire year.

Corporate social responsibility

As well as helping you to help others, Etihad Airways is committed to supporting the communities in which we operate. Our agenda is to ensure that we have a cohesive programme of initiatives that covers all aspects of our business and operations. For more information on our CSR strategy, please visit