Our Programme - Family Membership

How it works

What is a Family Membership?

An Etihad Guest Family Membership allows everyone to earn miles individually through travel or any one of our partners, then look forward to enjoying them as a family. Each family member can redeem their own miles, or the head of the family can use them all on flights for everyone, buy something special from our Reward Shop, or pay for the next family holiday.


Each family member must have their own Etihad Guest account. Including the Family Head, a total of 9 members can be part of your Family Membership.

Members who are eligible for the Family Membership include your extended family. So, make sure you get everyone to sign-up for Etihad Guest, then create the Family Membership to start enjoying more rewards, faster, together.

Why should I join?

Getting a Family Membership means more miles faster.

The best part is, each family member will also be awarded Tier Miles when they fly, helping them climb to Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum status, with greater benefits and rewards as they go.

Frequently asked questions

What do I do if my family member isn’t an Etihad Guest?

How do I leave my family group?