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See how far your miles can go

Since the Etihad Guest Miles donation programme began in 2007, you have been donating generously to a range of cause from education, to healthcare, to humanitarian relief. Over 200 Million Etihad Guest Miles have been donated so far, all of which have been converted to cash for charities to spend on what they need the most.

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Donate today and make a difference

Magic Bus

The Magic Bus Foundation steers children towards a better life in 22 states across India. From just 3,000miles you can help a child to complete theirschooling and give them a better life.

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The Born Free Foundation

The Born Free Foundation works around the world to protect animals in need. Your miles donation canhelp with itsglobal work to influence change for the protection of animals.

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The Fred Hollows Foundation

The Fred Hollows Foundation aims to help children who don’t have access to quality and affordable eye care. Donating just 2,500 Etihad Guest Miles can help restore sight to a needlessly blind child.

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Choice to Change

The Choice to Change Foundation gives the children in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the opportunity to have aneducation. Just 6,700 miles can send a child to school for a month, as well as buy them school supplies and a meal each day.

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ClimateCare works to reduce carbon emissions by investing in clean energy projectsand environmental protection. With just 650 Etihad Guest Miles,you can help offset one tonne of carbon emissions.

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Corporate social responsibility

As well as helping you to help others, Etihad Airways is committed to supporting the communities in which we operate. Our agenda is to ensure that we have a cohesive programme of initiatives that covers all aspects of our business and operations. For more information on our CSR strategy, please visit