Frequently asked questions


1. How can I enrol myself to the Etihad Guest Programme?

You can either go online or fill up the enrolment form available on-board or at the check in desks, lounges and even at ticketing offices.

2. Who can apply for membership to Etihad Guest programme?

  • Only individuals can become members of Etihad Guest, not companies or organizations.
  • Individuals must be over the age of two to qualify for the membership.
  • Application for Etihad Guest membership is open to residents of any country.

3. Is there any specification for my Etihad Guest membership password? 

Password should be 8-10 characters in length. It must begin with a letter and end with a number or begin with a number and end with a letter.

4. Can the same email address used to enrol family members into Etihad Guest programme?

To enrol into Etihad Guest programme, each person should have a unique email address. For children below the age of 12, an email address is not mandatory while enrolling.

5. Will I start earning miles after completing the enrolment?

As soon as the enrolment is completed, member receives a verification email. Once the email is verified, members can start earning miles. 

6. When will I get my get a permanent plastic card?

A Welcome Pack (including a permanent Etihad Guest card and a Welcome letter) will be sent only to members who request for the card either online by confirming the postal address or through the Global Contact Centre.

7. What does the welcome pack contain?

Etihad Guest welcome pack contains:

  • A welcome letter
  • Etihad Guest card

When a member is upgraded to a higher tier, the welcome pack will be sent as per the respective tier. (Etihad Guest Silver, Gold and Platinum). 

Etihad Guest

  • A membership card
  • A welcome letter

Etihad Guest Silver

  • A membership card
  • A welcome letter
  • 2 luggage tags
  • 2 luggage straps

Etihad Guest Gold

  • A membership card
  • A welcome letter
  • 2 luggage tags
  • 2 luggage straps
  • 3rd Party nomination form

Etihad Guest Platinum

  • A membership card
  • A welcome letter
  • 2 luggage tags
  • 2 luggage straps
  • Gold Discretionary nomination form
  • 3rd Party nomination form

8. How can I re order my card if it is lost/ damaged?

Lost, theft or damage of the membership card must be reported immediately to the Etihad Guest Service Centre. Upon the member’s notification of a lost, stolen or damaged card, a replacement card will be ordered with the same Etihad Guest number and fulfilled to the member in exchange for the following number of Etihad Guest Miles: 

Card only                              500 Etihad Guest Miles

Tags only                              1,000 Etihad Guest Miles (Silver and Gold only)

Card and tags                        1,500 Etihad Guest Miles (Silver and Gold only)

Etihad Guest Silver and Gold members will be allowed to have one replacement within twelve months period free of charge. Etihad Guest Platinum members are allowed to have card and luggage tag replacements anytime at no cost.

9. How to contact Etihad Guest Service Centre?

Members can call the Etihad Guest Service Centre by using any of the local contact numbers displayed and updated in the Etihad Guest website.

Alternatively, members can send emails to Etihad Guest Service Centre. Dedicated email addresses for each tier level are mentioned on the back of the membership card. These are as follows:-

For Base members -

For Silver members -

For Gold members -

For Platinum members -

Reset Password

10. How can I reset my password?

Click on ‘Request/Forget Password’ option on the login page or click here password and enter the details as requested on the page. 

Password should be 8-10 characters in length. It must begin with a letter and end with a number or begin with a number and end with a letter.

Once the details are filled up and submitted, an email with the password reset link will be sent to your email address mentioned in the profile.

Upon clicking on the link given in the email, it will direct you to a specific page where in you have to enter all your details in the required fields as mentioned in your profile. 

Profile Update

11. How can I amend my Etihad Guest profile details?

Member has to log in online to amend the profile. There are only certain fields which can be amended by the member himself which are as follows: Email address, Telephone numbers, Postal address, Passport details, Alternative contact details, Email preferences and Interested Virtual Clubs. To amend all the other fields like First name, Last name, Date of Birth member needs to send an email along with their passport copy to

12. Can I contact the call centre to amend the profile details?

Call centre can assist to amend only limited fields in the profile like Telephone numbers, Postal address, Travel preferences, Professional details, Alternative contact details and Additional information fields after satisfactory verification.

For amending any other field other than the fields mentioned above including email address, we require adequate proof and hence an email should be sent to with the passport copy of the member.

13. How quickly can I amend my email address?

You may amend your email address by logging into your account online or by emailing us at with the passport copy.

After changing the email address, a verification email is triggered to the new email address. You are expected to click on the verification link given in the email and only then you will be able to access the account online.

Family membership

14. What is Etihad Guest Family membership?

Etihad Guest family membership enables to manage the guest membership accounts of the family members much easier. When the family members are part of the family membership programme, the head can easily monitor the transaction details of its members and instead of the miles being scattered in different accounts, it helps the member to use the miles collectively.

15. What are the benefits of a Family Membership?

 Etihad Guest Miles will be pooled in one account to enjoy rewards faster. Tier Miles/Tier Segments will continue to remain with the member which in turn determines their upgrade to different tier levels.

16. How can I create a family membership?

A member who is 21 years old can create a family membership. You have to log in online and add other members (who are already enrolled in to the programme).

Once added online, the added members above 12 years will receive an auto triggered email for them to accept or reject the family membership request. Members below 12 years will be included to family membership without email acceptance.

17. How many members can I add to my family membership?

Up to 8 members can be part of your family membership. Family members who are eligible to become family guests are: brothers, sisters, father, mother, spouse(s), children, grandchildren, grandparents, parents-in-law, step parents, step children, step siblings, step grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and house hold (one only)

18. Can I invite my friend to be part of my Etihad Guest family membership?

No. Only the above mentioned can be part of Etihad Guest family membership.

19. When I leave the family membership are the miles earned by me transferred back to my account? 

All the miles transferred from the member’s account to the family head’s account remains with the family head even after the family membership is delinked. After the individual membership is delinked from the Family Membership, the member will start accumulating miles in his account from the date the account is delinked. 

20. Once added, how soon can I change the family members?

Family members cannot be replaced within 90 days of joining the family membership programme.

21. Can I be the head of two family memberships?

No. You can be part of only one family membership at a time.

22. Currently my spouse is the head of our family membership programme. I would like to be the family head. How can we change the family head?

Either the Family Head or the Family Guest on their own may cancel the participation of a Family Guest at any time by giving written notice to the Etihad Guest Service Centre. Once dissolved, the family members can join/create a new family membership only after 90 days.

23. Will I be asked for proof of relationships added in my family membership?

Etihad can audit and request the family membership proof, any time. 

All about miles

24. Is there any enrolment bonus for a new member?

Yes, each member will receive 500 Etihad Guest Miles as an enrolment bonus. This bonus will be credited after the first activity is recorded in the respective account.

25. What are the different types of miles/segments a member will earn?

Etihad Guest Miles

Earned by every member when flying with Etihad Airways and airline partners based on the booking class on the ticket or when the member uses any of our numerous non-airline partners ranging from banks, retail chains, hotels, leisure partners and much more and can be used to book rewards.

Etihad Tier Miles     

Earned by every member when flying with Etihad Airways and selected airline partners and it is used to progress through the tiers, and maintain status within the tier (for Silver, Gold and Platinum). 

Etihad Tier segments

Earned at a rate of one Tier Segment for each flight flown in Economy Class, two TierSegments in Business Class and three Tier Segments in First Class.

Tier Bonus Miles

Etihad Guest Silver members earn a bonus of 25% of Tier Miles. Etihad Guest Gold and Platinum members earn a bonus of 50% and 75% Tier Miles respectively.

26. How long are the Etihad Guest Miles valid for?           

The validity of Etihad Guest Miles depends on the tier level of each member. Below mentioned are the Etihad Guest Miles validity periods.

Etihad Guest- 2 years from date of activity

Etihad Guest Silver - 2 ½ years from date of activity

Etihad Guest Gold - 3 years from date of activity

Etihad Guest Platinum - 3 years from date of activity

Etihad Guest Miles will continue to expire on the last date of the month in which they were earned. Members can check the validity of the Guest miles for the next three months by two ways:

Log in to their Etihad Guest accounts online and check the transaction details.

Subscribe for monthly e-statements.

27. What is the new earning structure?


Etihad Guest miles earned



U, V, G


L, Q, M,K


H, B, Y



Etihad Guest miles earned





D,C, J



Etihad Guest miles earned

R, A, F



Etihad Guest miles earned



Claim miles

28. How can I make sure miles get auto credited to my account when I travel?

To ensure your miles are automatically credited to your membership account, please remember to quote your membership number when making a reservation and ensure that your booking name matches the name in your account.

29. Can I claim missing miles for my travel prior to enrolment?

For claiming miles on Etihad operated flights, please send the boarding pass copies to

For partner airline claims made 3 months prior to enrolment date, we require a copy of your boarding pass along with the below details to be sent to

• Your Etihad Guest membership number

• Your First name

• Yours Last name

• Flight number

• Origin

• Destination

• Cabin

• Booked Class

• Booking reference (PNR

• Ticket number

30. How can I claim my missing miles after enrolment?

For claiming miles on Etihad Airways operated flights, you may login to your account online and click on the option ‘Claim missing miles’. Please enter the required details to claim missing miles online.Alternatively you may send an emailto with the ticket or boarding pass copies.

For claims on partner airlines, please send an email to with the ticket or boarding pass copies.

31. Can I claim miles on non-air partners?

If you find that any transactions with non-air partners are missing from your statement, kindly contact the partner concerned within six months of the transaction. Non-air partners are not eligible for claims made up to 3 months prior to enrolment. 

32. Can I earn Etihad Guest Miles on code share flights?

Yes, Etihad Guest Miles can also be earned by flying with our code share partners as long as the marketing carrier is Etihad (that means the flight must be booked on EY flight number, i.e. EY1234). Click here for the updated lists of our code share flights. 

Etihad Guest Tiers

33. How can I progress to higher tiers?

On enrolment, all members will be base tier. A member advances from one tier to another only if he/she earns the required number of Tier Miles or Tier Segments within a rolling 12 month period. 

Etihad Guest Silver - 25,000 Tier Miles or 20 Tier Segments

Etihad Guest Gold – 50,000 Tier Miles or 40 Tier Segments

Etihad Guest Platinum – 125,000 Tier Miles or 60 Tier Segments

34. How to maintain the tier level?

To maintain a given tier level, members have to earn a designated number of Tier Miles within a qualifying year, from 1 January to 31 December of their renewal period. The following details the number of Tier Miles or Tier Segments needed to renew the tier level. 

Etihad Guest Silver - 20,000 Tier Miles or 15 Tier Segments

Etihad Guest Gold – 40,000 Tier Miles or 30 Tier Segments

Etihad Guest Platinum – 100,000 Tier Miles or 48 Tier Segments

In case if a member fails to earn the required number of Tier Miles or Tier Segments, he/she will be downgraded to the next lower tier level For example - If an Etihad Guest Gold member has not earned 40,000 Tier Miles or thirty one-way flights during his qualifying year the account will be downgraded to Etihad Guest Silver. An account can only be downgraded one tier at a time.           

35. What is the validity of each tier?

Etihad Guest - has no validity limits.

Etihad Guest Silver - is valid for the rest of the calendar year earned plus one year with an additional bonus of three months. 

Etihad Guest Gold and Platinum - is valid for the rest of the calendar year earned plus two years with an additional bonus of three months.

36. How can I avail the benefits for a newly upgraded member when I have not received the new card?

If the member has not received the new card yet, the system triggers the Upgrade email to the Guests which he can present at the airport to avail the benefits. 

Redeem miles against flights and upgrades

37. How can I redeem miles?

 Miles can be redeemed against flights on Etihad or on our Partner airlines. You may also redeem miles against products available in the Reward Shop.

38. What are the types of flight rewards available?

 GuestSeat, OpenSeat and Upgrades

39. What is GuestSeat?

 Tickets issued in N, I and O class are GuestSeat tickets.

40. Is there any service charge involved when I booked the reward via the Etihad Guest Service Centre?

All rewards booked online via are free from any service charge. Any reward (except Upgrades using miles) booked via the Etihad Guest Service Centre will incur a service fee applicable at the time of booking. Etihad Guest Gold and Etihad Guest Platinum members will be able to use this service free of charge.

41. Can the Miles+Cash option be used to pay Guest Seat?

Yes, a minimum of 75% of miles required.

42. How much is the cost for the child and infant GuestSeat tickets?

For children between 2 to 11 years old, the GuestSeat will be priced same as an adult and has to be booked along with an adult. Infant GuestSeats are priced at 10% of the normal mileage cost for Guest seat rewards. At present, infant redemption tickets can be booked only online. 

43. What are the date change penalties for a GuestSeat ticket?

One date change is free of charge. Any subsequent changes can be processed at a fee of AED 100 per change. If a member does not show up for a flight booked, the GuestSeat Flight Reward ticket can be rebooked for a fee of AED 200 along with the applicable date change fee either online or via the Etihad Guest Service Centre.

44. What is the validity of the GuestSeat ticket?

The ticket is valid for one year from the date of issuance of the original ticket for non-utilized tickets. The outbound should be taken within the 12 months of original ticket issuance. If the first leg of the journey is used, then the ticket is valid for one year from the first date of travel.

45. What is OpenSeat?

When GuestSeats are not available anymore, members have the flexibility to book on any available class in the flight using miles. These tickets are known as OpenSeats. The miles required for OpenSeat is determined according to the fare level of the ticket booked and members can get this information from our website when they book their flights. Higher RBDs require higher mileage contribution.

46. Can Miles+Cash option be used to pay OpenSeat reward?

Yes, the minimum mileage contribution for OpenSeat is 1 mile per guest and the rest in cash.

After 8 July for certain routes in Business and First Class, OpenSeat will now receive up to 30% discount.

To benefit from this discount, the member will need to pay minimum of the fare using miles.

The routes eligible for this discount are:

London – Sydney, Sydney – London, Abu Dhabi – London, London – Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi – Paris, Paris – Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi – Istanbul, Istanbul – Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi – Toronto, Toronto – Abu Dhabi

47. What is the mileage requirement for child and infant OpenSeat reward?

The mileage required for child and infant depends on the fare type booked. 

48. Can redemption tickets be refunded?

The refund policy for redemption tickets depends on whether it is a GuestSeat or OpenSeat.The refund has to be done through the Etihad Guest Service Centre within the ticket validity.Refund fees of 2,000 miles will apply on GuestSeat except for Etihad Guest Gold and Platinum members. In case of no-show, an additional fee of AED 200 will apply. YR (Carrier charge) is refundable.

For OpenSeat, whether it is 100% miles or Miles+Cash, the refund will follow the fare rules of the ticket purchased.

49. How can we refund partially unutilized OpenSeat paid by Miles+Cash?

The unutilized OpenSeat can be refunded as per the fare rules of the ticket. In case of any cancellation fee or penalty, this will be deducted from miles portion paid. If the miles are not enough, the remaining of the cancellation fee or penalty will be deducted from the cash portion.

50. Which class of booking are eligible for upgrades?

Except tickets issued in T class, all commercial tickets including tickets issued in E and Z class prior to 8 July 2015, are eligible for an upgrade. They can be upgraded only through the contact centres at least 48 hours in advance.

Effective 8 July 2015, all tickets issued on an Etihad Airways Breaking Deals fare (T, E and Z) will no longer be eligible for upgrade to Business or First Class whether at the airport or through the call centre.

Tickets issued on X, N, I and O class will still be ineligible for Upgrade Rewards.

51. Can the Miles+Cash option be used for an upgrade using miles?

Upgrade Rewards can be processed only using full miles. We do not have an option for cash plus miles for upgrades.

52. How can I process mileage upgrades?

Upgrades can be processed online for ticket issued on Etihad website and by Etihad ticketing offices. For the rest of the tickets and for Upgrade Rewards using ADCB discount voucher can be done only through Etihad Guest Service Centre at least 48 hours before departure.

Mileage upgrades can also be processed at the airports at the time of departure depending upon the availability on that flight.

Other conditions for an upgrade are:

Upgrade request cannot be waitlisted and can be processed only if a commercial ticket has been already issued.

Not applicable on code share flights.

Upgrades are not permitted for ID/AD tickets/ Redemption tickets.

Tickets issued on T ,E, N, X ,I, Z RBD’s and Multiflyer tickets are ineligible.

53. Are upgraded tickets changeable? 

In case of date change, the fare and ticketing rules of the original ticket will apply irrespective of the class of travel after upgrade. In case of rerouting the ticket after the upgrade, the existing redemption upgrade has to be refunded with the applicable refund charges and a new redemption upgrade has to be processed for the new routing depending upon the availability.

54. Are the same amount of miles used for upgrading adult, child and infant tickets?

Miles required for an adult and child are the same. While for the infant it will be 25% of the mileage for a given route.

55. Can the upgraded ticket be refunded?

The originally ticket issued can be refunded as per the fare rules of the ticket paid. The miles used for the upgrade will be refunded after a deduction of 2,000 miles. Etihad Guest Gold and Platinum members are exempted from this charge.

56. Can a partner redemption ticket be refunded?  

Partner redemption tickets can be cancelled / refunded as per Etihad Guest terms and conditions as given in the partner page.

Reward Shop

57. How does the member check the status of a reward order?

On the Reward Shop, member must first log in with their Etihad Guest number and password and then click the tab ‘My Rewards’. Select ‘My Orders’ to view the status of the rewards order placed. By clicking ‘Order No.’ in the second column, member can also view the details of a particular order such as order date, partner address, and delivery address where the reward will be shipped to.

58. If I have not received the Reward item within the delivery period, whom should I contact?

In case that the reward status is delivered and the reward is not yet received, the member needs to contact the merchant to check on the delivery status.

59. Can I cancel my reward order?

Generally, reward orders once submitted cannot be cancelled. Please note that return policies may vary for every reward and reward specific Terms and Conditions for refund may apply.

60. Can a reward be given to third party who is not an Etihad Guest member?

Yes, the desired shipping and delivery address can be different from the address registered in the Etihad Guest member's account. Please note that certain delivery restrictions may apply to the designated shipping address which may not apply to their Etihad Guest account. If so, member will be advised accordingly at the time of booking.

61. What happens if the reward is damaged or a wrong product has been delivered to the member?

In the event of a reward being damaged or incorrect, the member should contact the merchant or the appropriate supplier of the product. They will make the necessary arrangements for the return or replacement of the reward based on the facts. The new delivery time for the correct or replacement item or the solution will be advised by the merchant.