Air Seychelles was established in 1978 and began long-haul service in 1983. The airline currently offers international flights to Abu Dhabi, Johannesburg, Paris,  Bombay, Dar es Salaam, Antananarivo and Mauritius.

Air Seychelles also offers more than 210 domestic scheduled flights a week from Mahé (Seychelles)  to Praslin and easy to book charter services to many other of the most beautiful islands in the archipelago

As the national airline of the Republic of Seychelles, Air Seychelles is a pillar of tourism, the island nation’s strongest and growing economic sector. The airline maintains a strategic partnership with Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates and 40 per cent stakeholder.

For more information, please visit airseychelles.com.

Earn Etihad Guest Miles with Air Seychelles

You can now earn Etihad Guest Miles, Etihad Tier Miles and Tier Segments when traveling with Air Seychelles. Simply quote your Etihad Guest Number when making a booking with Air Seychelles and remember to present your Etihad Guest Card at check-in. The number of miles earned will depend on the class of booking as shown below.

Flights eligible for Accrual
     • All International flights operated and marketed by Air Seychelles.
     • All flights operated by Air Seychelles and marketed by Etihad Airways.
Cabin Class Booking Class Earned Miles
Business J, C 175%
Business D, I 130%
Economy K, Y, M 100%
Economy H, L 75%
Economy V, S, G, B, Q, W 50%

Claim Missing Partner Miles

New members can claim missing miles for flights up to 3 months prior to their date of enrollment. Please remember that all claims must be made within 6 months of the flight or transaction date. If you have not automatically earned your miles, please follow the simple steps below, depending on your type of retro claim.

For claims made 3 months prior to enrollment date, we require a copy of your boarding pass along with the below details to be sent to retroclaims@etihadguest.com:


  • Your Etihad Guest number.
  • Your First name.
  • Your Last name.
  • Flight number.
  • Origin.
  • Destination.
  • Cabin.
  • Booked Class.
  • Booking reference (PNR).
  • Ticket number. 

For claims made after enrollment and within 6 months of transaction date, please send us a copy of your ticket to retroclaims@etihadguest.com

Service benefits

For Etihad Guest Silver, Gold and Platinum members on Air Seychelles flights:

1. Applicable on revenue tickets for Air Seychelles operated flights.
2. Only when traveling on Air Seychelles operated flights.
3. Only where service is offered.
4. Bookable in the highest Economy Class fare.
5. Accompanying guest should be traveling on Air Seychelles.
6. Not applicable on routes where the piece concept operates.
7. Bookable in the highest Business Class fare.
8. The seat will be confirmed on any available flight on the chosen date and chosen route but not necessarily on the requested flight.
9. Lounge Access is applicable in the following airports: AUH, SEZ, MRU, JNB, HKG, DAR, TNR, BOM and CDG.
Etihad Guest Etihad Guest Silver Etihad Guest Gold Etihad Guest Platinum
Tier Bonus 25% 50% 75%
Waitlist Priority 1
Guaranteed Economy Seat 2, 4 If booked 48 hrs in advance If booked 24 hrs in advance If booked 12 hrs in advance
Guaranteed Business Seat 2, 7, 8 If booked 48 hrs in advance
Upgrades using Miles 1
Lounge Access 2, 5, 9 Self Self and guest Self and guest
Excess Baggage Allowance 2, 6 10kgs 15kgs 20kgs
Priority Check-In and Boarding Business Class check-in counter Business Class check-in counter
Gold Discretionary Nomination For 1 Guest
3rd Party Nomination

Redeem Miles with Air Seychelles

To redeem miles for reward flights on Air Seychelles, members must contact the Etihad Guest Service Centre a minimum of 14 days prior to the intended date of travel. Rewards flight bookings will be confirmed subject to seat availability. Applicable taxes, surcharges and/or fees listed on the ticket will have to be paid at the time of ticket issuance.

*The values in the table below are for return journeys only.
Origin Destination Miles (Economy class return) Miles (Business class return)
Seychelles Abu Dhabi 36,564 51,832
Seychelles Mauritius 20,093 28,483
Seychelles Johannesburg 42,533 60,295
Abu Dhabi Hong Kong 68,050 96,466
Seychelles Bombay 36,691 52,013
Seychelles Dar Es Salaam 20,621 29,231
Seychelles Antananarivo 20,238 28,690
Seychelles Paris 88,652 125,672
Abu Dhabi Paris 59,459 84,289

Redeem Miles for an Upgrade with Air Seychelles

*The values in the table below are for one-way journey only.
Origin Destination Economy to Business - Booking Class S, Q, W, B Economy to Business - Booking Class Y, K, M, H, L, V
Seychelles Abu Dhabi 19,437 15,550
Seychelles Mauritius 10,681 8,545
Seychelles Johannesburg 22,610 18,088
Abu Dhabi Hong Kong 58,891 28,901
Seychelles Bombay 19,573 15,658
Seychelles Dar Es Salaam 10,904 8,723
Seychelles Antananarivo 10,807 8,646
Seychelles Paris 50,891 40,712
Abu Dhabi Paris 31,453 25,163

Redeem Miles for Excess Baggage on Air Seychelles

Etihad Guest members can redeem miles for excess baggage on the Air Seychelles flights listed below:

Sector Values for Redemption per Sector
Seychelles - Mauritius 1,111
Seychelles - Johannesburg 2,222
Seychelles - Abu Dhabi 2,222
Seychelles - Paris 3,333
Abu Dhabi - Hong Kong 2,222
Seychelles - Dar Es Salaam 1,111
Seychelles - Antananarivo 1,111
Seychelles - Bombay 2,222

Terms and Conditions

Earning Etihad Guest Miles with Air Seychelles

• Invalid booking classes for accrual -  Z, O, X, R, N, T. (The updated accrual table comes to effect for all flights starting on 4 July 2014)
• Flights marketed by Air Seychelles and operated by a third-party carrier other than Air Seychelles or Etihad Airways will not be eligible for Etihad Guest Miles accrual.
• Charter flights operated by Air Seychelles are not eligible for mileage accrual.
• Flights taken on Air Seychelles are eligible to earn Etihad Guest Tier Miles and therefore contribute to earning or maintaining your Etihad Guest Silver or Gold or Platinum Tier.

Redeeming Miles for tickets on Air Seychelles

• Award tickets are allowed for return journeys on confirmed basis only.
• One-way awards are permitted at half the cost of the return award value.
• Upgrades are not permitted.
• Unaccompanied minor award tickets are not permitted.
• Children from 02-12 years of age will be charged the adult mileage value and must be booked in the same booking as the accompanying adult.
• Infant tickets will be charged at 10% of the adult mileage value.
• Flight awards are subject to seat availability which may limit the number of seats available for an award ticket.
• Miles can be redeemed on all International flights operated by Air Seychelles.
• Domestic flights on Air Seychelles are not eligible for redemption.
• Award tickets are not valid on codeshare flights.
• A minimum of 14 days advance notice is required to book an award ticket.
• Award tickets on Air Seychelles are valid for a maximum period of 1 year from date of departure booked.
• Applicable taxes and surcharges will have to be paid at the time of ticket issuance.
• Award tickets are non-endorsable, non-transferable and non-refundable.
• Date changes are allowed free of charge.
• Name changes are not permitted.
• Ticketing time limit is as set by system upon confirmation of redemption seat booking.
• Redeeming miles for upgrades on partner flights are not permitted.
• All bookings are subject to the Air Seychelles General Conditions of Carriage.

Redeeming Miles for an Upgrade on Air Seychelles

• This benefit will be available to all Etihad Guest members.
• All Air Seychelles fares are eligible for upgrades using Etihad Guest Miles.
• Etihad Guest members will earn Etihad Guest Miles on the original fare purchased and not as per the upgraded cabin.
• All Business Class benefits will be applicable when upgrading using miles on any Air Seychelles flights.
• Return upgrades will be charged double the one-way value.

Redeeming Miles for Excess Baggage on Air Seychelles

• This benefit will be available to all Etihad Guest members.
• The request for excess baggage using miles on an Air Seychelles flight must be made at least 72 hours prior to departure.
• Etihad Guest members will be able to redeem miles for up to 20kgs of excess baggage on any Air Seychelles flights.
• Etihad Guest members can use their miles to redeem excess baggage for any other person travelling on any Air Seychelles flights.