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Earn thousands of Etihad Guest miles with our exciting new partner LIVE FREE! Specializing in direct selling and E-commerce, Live Free is headquartered in the UK with a base in the United Arab Emirates.

The company operates in more than 180 countries worldwide with a vast network of Independent Marketeers.

Choose from several products, such as LIVE TOURS & LIVE TOURS PLUS memberships, which provides customers with thrilling savings and discounts on online hotel bookings etc, all of which is available online.

Membership is by reference only, for more details please click here.

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How does it work? Quite simple really! (Remember, membership is by reference only, click here for more details.)

  • Etihad Guest member has to enroll into the LIVEFREE programme by providing a few simple personal details including name, address, email, date of birth.
  • Etihad Guest member can then purchase a LIVEFREE membership card which will entitle the member to discounts ranging from 5% to a whopping 20% discount on all hotels available on the website featuring around 180,000 hotels and resorts worldwide.
  • However, and this is what sets LIVEFREE apart, is the fact that the member can then choose to market it to his friends and family. LIVEFREE Membership ranges in from a year to 6 years during which the member gets access to and all the incomparable discounts available with it.
  • Upon expiry of the membership, member has an option to renew the term.
  • On every renewal the member will receive generous amounts of Etihad Guest Miles.

Earn Miles

Renew your LIVE TOURS PLUS membership and receive generous amounts of bonus Etihad Guest Miles.

Claim Missing Partner Miles

To claim missing Miles, please contact 0097126670099 within six months of your transaction at or fax 0097126670098 providing the following information:

     • Full Name.
     • Your Etihad Guest Number.
     • Details of membership including date of purchase/enrollment.

Please retain all documentation until Etihad Guest Miles are credited to your account.

Terms and conditions

  • Redeeming of points using is subject to availability .
  • Unused LIVE TOURS/LIVE TOURS PLUS points will not be extended, when the card validity period ends.
  • Once the LIVE TOURS PLUS points have been utilised or redeemed for any products and/or services available on the LIVE TOURS PLUS website, you may still cancel your booking subject to the cancellation policy of the relevant or third party service provider.
  • All cost of cancellation/non-utilisation of any LIVE TOURS/LIVE TOURS PLUS points products booked or redeemed or purchased shall be borne solely by the purchaser. No refund will be given for no-show(s), early check-out(s) or unutilised night(s).
  • The packages are not for resale to or for use in commercial purposes.
  • Receive membership at (after enrolment, you must check the LIVEFREE website for details on each package’s validity period).
  • The bonus Etihad Guest miles will be credited to your account within two weeks from purchase date.
  • Extend your membership from the repeat store and receive more membership validity & bonus miles from Etihad Guest. (check LIVEFREE website for details on each package extension)
  • Etihad Guest Miles earned through LIVEFREE do not count towards tier status
  • Etihad Guest Miles earned through LIVEFREE cannot be exchanged for cash
  • Tickets booked with Etihad Guest Miles cannot be sold or exchanged for cash. Any such ticket, if transferred for cash or other consideration will be cancelled/voided and the passenger will be denied boarding. Continued travel will be at the expense of the passenger on a full fare basis.
  • Usage of Etihad Guest miles are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Etihad Guest.
  • All LIVE TOURS/LIVE TOURS PLUS programme rules apply.
  • All Etihad Guest terms and conditions apply.