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As an Etihad Guest member, you may qualify to receive an invitation to join the e-Rewards® Opinion Panel.

As a Member of e-Rewards, you’ll accrue e-Rewards earnings for participating in market research surveys selected to match your interests. e-Rewards earnings can be redeemed for Etihad Guest Miles, up to 8,000 miles per year.

Membership is by invitation only. There is no cost to participate, and your privacy is guaranteed. Update your Communication Preferences to receive e-mail communications for Partner Offers, and you could receive an invitation to join the e-Rewards Opinion Panel.

For more information, please visit

Earn miles

Members in Europe, Middle East and Asia:
Opinion Points Earned Miles
2000 Opinion Points 500 Guest Miles
4000 Opinion Points 1000 Guest Miles
8000 Opinion Points 2000 Guest Miles

Earn miles

Members in US and Canada:
e-Rewards Currency Earned Miles
$25 e-Rewards Currency 500 Guest Miles
$50 e-Rewards Currency 1000 Guest Miles
$100 e-Rewards Currency 2000 Guest Miles

Claim Missing Partner Miles

Please contact and quote your e-Rewards email account and transaction date. Please retain all communication / correspondence until Etihad Guest Miles are credited to your account.

Terms and conditions

• You must be a registered member of the e-Rewards Opinion Panel programme.
• All e-Rewards Terms and Conditions apply.
• Guest Miles earned through e-Rewards do not count towards tier status.