A preeminent global financial services company with some 200 million customer accounts in over 100 countries, Citigroup provides a broad range of financial products and services.

You can now convert your PremierMiles or Citibank Reward Points at a competitive rate to Etihad Guest Miles when you hold a valid Citibank credit card issued from participating countries.

Region Eligible Programs/Products Website
Australia Citi Prestige www.citibank.com.au/citirewards
Citi Diners www.citibank.com.au/citirewards
Bahrain PremierMiles www.citibank.com.bh/citirewards
China PremierMiles, Ultima www.citibank.com.cn
Hong Kong Citi Prestige, Rewards, Ultima, PremierMiles, Citi Classic, Gold www.citibank.com.hk/thankyouen
India PremierMiles, Citi Prestige, Ultima www.online.citibank.co.in/
Indonesia PremierMiles, Gold, SIlver, Rewards dan Platinum, Telkomsel, Ultima www.citibank.co.id
Korea PremierMiles, Citi Prestige, Cit Rewards www.citibank.co.kr/
Malaysia PremierMiles, Citi Rewards, Citi Prestige www.citibank.com.my
Philippines PremierMiles, Rewards, Platinum, Citi Classic, Gold www.citibank.com.ph/thankyou
Poland PremierMiles www.online.citibank.pl
Russia PremierMiles www.citibank.ru
Singapore PremierMiles, Citi Rewards, Citi Prestige, Ultima www.citibank.com.sg/thankyou
USA Citi ThankYou Premier, Citi Prestige, Citi Chairman www.thankyou.com/transfer
UAE PremierMiles, Citi Prestige www.citibank.com/uae/
Vietnam PremierMiles www.citibank.com.vn/

Terms and conditions

  • Please allow a minimum of 3 business days* for your PremierMiles or Citibank Reward Points to be exchanged to Etihad Guest Miles.
  • Once the Etihad Guest Miles transfer request is initiated it cannot be transferred back to your Citi Miles account.
  • The privilege to exchange PremierMiles or Citibank Reward Points is only available to Citibank customers who have enrolled in the Etihad Guest programme.

*Excludes Fridays, Saturdays & public holidays in the UAE.