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There are two different ways to earns miles:

Exclusive Selection: You can maximize the number of miles you earn when you buy any product featured as one of our ‘Exclusive Selection’. Here you will be able to collect a great deal more miles per amount spent than at any other partner outlet - upto 25 miles per USD spent.


Earn Mall: If you are shopping for something that isn’t featured in our exclusive selection, then you can still earn miles when you buy your chosen product through one of our many online affiliates or “e-tailers”. These affiliates offer you the chance to earn miles on any and all products featured on their web sites - at a specific earning rate of, for example, 2 miles per 1USD spent. This rate may vary from time-to-time, depending on which e-tailers are supporting special offers.

The Etihad Guest Earn Shop allows you to earn Etihad Guest miles whenever you shop online at the Earn Shop.

Earn Miles

Etihad Guest Members earn miles dependent on the products purchased – either at a specific number per product, or according to a specific rate per amount spent.

To earn online please visit