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How to earn

Earning Etihad Guest Miles is simple and effortless. As an Etihad Guest Member you will earn miles every time you fly with Etihad Airways. You can also earn miles with any of our airline partners or when you use any of our numerous non airline partners ranging from retail chains, hotels, leisure partners and much more. It’s as easy as that!
  • To ensure that you receive your miles when travelling with Etihad Airways please do not forget to quote your Etihad Guest Number when booking your flight.
  • Ineligible booking classes for accrual –N, I and O.

Earning Etihad Guest Miles

The earning ratio per fare class is as follows:

Etihad Guest Miles earning ratio per fare class
Economy Class BREAKING DEALS 25%
Economy Class SAVER 50%
Economy Class VALUE 75%
Economy Class FREEDOM 100%
Business Class BREAKING DEALS 115%
Business Class SAVER 130%
Business Class FREEDOM 175%
First Class FREEDOM 250%
The Residence THE RESIDENCE 400%

How many miles will I earn?

Example of a one-way flight from Abu Dhabi to London:
One-way flight details from Abu Dhabi to London
Cabin Fare Type Fare Choice Etihad Guest Miles earned per mile flown Total Etihad Guest Miles earned by an Etihad Guest member
Economy BREAKING DEALS 25% 852
Economy SAVER 50% 1705
Economy VALUE 75% 2557
Economy FREEDOM 100% 3409
Business BREAKING DEALS 115% 3920
Business SAVER 130% 4432
Business FREEDOM 175% 6806
First FREEDOM 250% 9358
First THE RESIDENCE 400% 13636

Mileage Expiry

The timeline of expiry for Etihad Guest Miles is associated to a member’s Etihad Guest tier level.

Etihad Guest Miles expire on the last day of the month in which they were earned. Members can keep a track of the expiry schedule via the latest transactions page as well as our monthly e-statements.
Etihad Guest Miles expiry timeline
Tier Validity of Etihad Guest Miles
Etihad Guest 2 years from date of activity
Etihad Guest Silver 2 and a half years from date of activity
Etihad Guest Gold 3 years from date of activity
Etihad Guest Platinum 3 years from date of activity

Earning Etihad Tier Miles / Segments

While Etihad Guest Miles can be redeemed for rewards, Etihad Guest Tier Miles / Segments only contribute towards your eligibility for either of our premium tiers - Etihad Guest Silver, Etihad Guest Gold and Etihad Guest Platinum.

Etihad Guest Tier Miles are earned at a rate of one Tier Mile for every mile you fly with us and any Class Bonus Miles earned also count towards your Etihad Guest Tier.

See how Etihad Guest Tier Miles build up in just one trip depending on your Tier and the cabin you fly in.


For Travel from Abu Dhabi to London Heathrow flown distance = 3409
Etihad Guest Tier Miles / Segments example
Cabin Tier Miles earned per mile flown Total Tier Miles earned on a one-way flight from Abu Dhabi to London Tier Segments earned per sector flown
Economy Class 1 3409 1
Business Class 1.5 5114 2
First Class 2 6818 3
Residence 4 13636 5